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Top 6 niche perfume brands you need to check out

Fragrantica musk perfume

Singapore is home to exquisite niche perfume brands. The niche perfumers took their inspiration from the essence of the culture and heritage of Singapore. So, the niche brands can smell like history that the big luxury studios cannot. Those who want the spirit of olfactory charm without sharing it with the rest of the masses always get an appeal for niche fragrances.

Though niche fragrances are produced on a much smaller scale, and not available in your regular malls, there is a good range of sophisticated niche fragrances you may find at a fancy fragrance boutique, a fragrance specialist, or through their websites. Are you wondering what those are and why to choose them? Stop thinking and read the list of the 7 top niche perfume brands we have brought to you. Discover your next fragrance obsession with us!

Oo La Lab

Whether you’re a newbie or a fragrance fanatic, you will surely fall in love with this Singapore-based niche perfume brand that offers its customers to create beautiful fragrances based on individual personality and preferences.

With the mixology kit, Oo La Lab has taken the user experience to a level beyond brilliance.

The kit contains 12 different fragrance notes, such as musk, woody, vanilla, oud, fruity, and many more. The kit will come with a manual and a booklet to assist you in exploring new fragrances. To play with all the aromatic flavors, visit the store or check out their website today, where your next fragrance passion is probably waiting to be discovered.

Scent by Six

You may be wondering why there is a SIX in the name. For your information, this niche perfume brand took inspiration from the quality of the sixth sense. The founder Jason Lee used the metaphor of the sixth sense to pass a message that Scent by Six crafts the same magical experience that we endure with the sixth sense.

Buying from Scent by Six is a great fragrance experience for those who desire an exotic perfume. This delightful artisanal perfume came into the market with its initial trio of perfumes, the Tribeca, Puka, and the Biei. Each of the scents opens with a refreshing note before they develop into a pleasant floral tone. The scents may remind you of the botanic gardens for their woody flavor with a hint of rustic-base notes. 2065 Ujong, the latest creation of Scent by Six can be a perfect example of such an earthy and harmonious vibe.

The best parts of buying from the brand are, the perfumes are budget-friendly and environment friendly. For more information about their collection and ingredients, interested readers can take a look at their website.

Maison De L’Aise

If you are into luxury perfumes, you can wear a classic fragrance like Chanel No. 5 anytime. But if you are a bespoke customer interested in unique scents, then pick Maison De L’Aise, one of the top niche perfume brands, as your fashion and fragrance partner. The brand introduced three exquisite perfumes in her Chapter 1 that are remarkable for their classical references.

Each of the perfumes has prominent characteristics that compel different stories. Mother X Love offers a soft and lovely vibe with the note of magnolia, pepper, jasmine, mandarin orange. It gives a fascinating feel to the skin when worn and takes us on a trip down memory lane. Lost Lover is a well-balanced fragrance made of spices, amber, white musk, vetiver.

The brand also offers a unisex scent, Nanyang, which starts with a distinct and powerful smell of tea and later blends with saffron, leather, musk, and sandalwood.

Visit the nearby outlet today for discovering your next signature perfume or buy from their online store.


Freda’D is a Singapore-based artisanal niche fragrance house specializing in perfumes and home fragrances. The brand is named after the founder Freda Yusuf who personally creates every perfume and each of the fragrances is non-allergenic and wudhu friendly.

One of the best parts of experiencing Freda’D is, they conduct fragrance-making workshops where you can book a session and craft your own hand-blended personalised aroma. In case you cant visit their physical store, you can also try their bespoke fragrance service. The service includes a detailed online questionnaire that includes your favorite fragrance, aromatics style, the type of occasion you would wear a scent, and the sensational effect you prefer.

To enjoy this fuss-free fun activity, you can either pay a visit to their beautiful boutique or book an appointment from their online store.

Code Deco

While wearing a fragrance, it is necessary that perfume enhances the mood and lift your spirit. So, choose your perfume brand wisely that projects you in a better way. Code Deco is one such brand that proudly made its place in the perfume industry in Singapore with different kinds of alluring and crafted perfumes.

With more than 24 years of experience in the international perfume industry, the founder Gauri Garodia has emerged as an expert nose and a fragrance specialist. She uses luxury ingredients sourced from all over the world and crafts refined aromatics that are long-lasting and evolve with time. The brand currently offers thirteen different fragrances and most of them are jazz-inspired.

Sounds interesting? Just for the interested buyers, Code deco offers a Discovery box that comes with a handful of smaller bottles for you to try out. Check their website here and take your pick today.

Jamal Kazura Aromatics

This Singapore perfume brand specializes in traditional & Custom Made Perfumes. Since 1933, the company has been producing scents with a wonderful selection of aromatic oils and essences. Their perfumes are rich in precious ingredients and made of natural oil.

The founder Jamal Kazura always wanted his customers to enjoy the crazy blends of different natural oils and create the scents that suit their personality and mood. So, he offers his customers the opportunity to mix perfume oils and create customed scents that adds value to their customer service.

Aside from fragrances, the brand also sells graceful Arabic Attars, scented soaps, shower creams, and massage oils. If you ever go to North Bridge near Arab Street, you must pay a visit to this beautiful fragrance boutique to check out their amazing perfume blends. If you reside far away, their online store is right here.

So, these are the top niche perfume brands in Singapore that do not settle for one-size-fits-all common scents. Choosing a niche perfume is a privilege to own a fragrance that other people don’t have. It’s time you replace your regular perfume bottle with one of these high-quality niche brands designed to present who you are.



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