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A whispered siren’s call, carried on a balmy breeze off the sea.

Bali Hai’s wistful opening of creamy coconut and sea breeze is reminiscent of watching the waves lap against the tropical shores on a summer evening in Bali.

The settling dusk is evoked with the tender notes of sunset tinted pink rose and jasmine, as a full and voluptuous vanilla accord creates a mysterious yet familiar warmth with a touch of salt amber for texture. A smooth and entrancing drydown of soft floralcy and woods carry you into a reverie of tranquility.
Top: Coconut, Rose, Jasmine
Heart: Vanilla, Patchouli, Ylang-Ylang
Base: Tobacco Leaf, Musk, Cedar

An Extrait de Parfum for Women and Men
Earn up to 415 points.

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If you are one who likes vanilla perfumes that do not dip too far into sweetness, Bali Ha’i is one of them to recommend to you.. Bali Ha’i is a shape-shifter of a fragrance, moving much like the breezes that surround islands, where the winds can shift quickly. Yet among these breezes are subtle variations from the main themes.

Some traditional island notes are evident, such as an understated and elegant coconut, some soft aquatic nuances, and pale white musk. A bit deeper in, a humming, warm patchouli lends depth and gives homage to the sea below the land.

Tobacco is used as an anchor and it’s a perfect accompaniment to the complex and balsamic textures of the vanilla accord that was introduced earlier. It adds even more depth to the patchouli and musk, but has a character all its own — dark and ambery, with a tannic edge and flecks of golden-hues glowing through. The impression is a mildly sweet, brown sugar pipe tobacco just hovering above cool patchouli leaves and the piquant citrus of pink rose. It’s delightfully atmospheric, hazy, just gently floral-and-vanilla enough to tantalize but also leave you feeling perfectly balanced. Although the name Bali H’ai often refers to that which lies just out of our reach — the island of dreams — this evokes the dream directly around you on your skin, and brings it that much closer.

— John Biebel
Editor at Fragrantica


Paris, France



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