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Best-selling Unisex Perfumes: Go Genderless With One of These Beauties


It is a traditional practice to categorize fragrances in only two types. Floral scents are for women and woody or musky for men. Then unisex scents came into the picture and changed how we view fragrances. The concept of unisex perfumes sees beyond the boundary of gender by balancing both masculine and feminine scents into unique blends that are whimsical yet profound. Moreover, the best-selling unisex perfumes from Tom Ford, Jo Malone, and Maison feature vibrant aromatic scents that smell far better than the mainstream labels.

The fragrances houses always look for something new to entice the users. Since the young generation is looking for different ways to express identity and orientation, unisex fragrances started to emerge more frequently in the beauty industry. Also, many people prefer gender-neutral fragrances more for their delicate nature and unique blends.

However though, unisex perfume is not a new thing in Singapore, many may still find it unfamiliar. Read through the article to comprehend more about Unisex perfumes and reckon why you should have one.

What is a unisex perfume?

In brief, unisex perfume is a hybrid creation free from gender boundaries and worn by either gender. It is utterly a boon for those who want to break the society-defined gender roles and mostly avoid the generic fragrances for something different.

Since the formulation process of unisex fragrances doesn’t follow the typical gender-obvious notes and ingredients, the fragrance houses have more room to work creatively and come up with unique signature scents designed with everyone in mind.

The unisex perfumes are too subtle and light in the air that they never smell too overpowering or lurid. One surprising fact about unisex perfumes is, they don’t smell the same on everyone. The fragrances interact with your pheromones and natural body heat to effuse a personalized scent. So, you don’t need to worry about smelling the same as your partner while sharing the same scent. Also, these fuss-free scents can be the best gift for anyone to wear on any occasion without hassle.

Fragrantica sandalwood perfume

The Best-selling Unisex Perfumes

Are you intrigued enough? If so, then take a look at some best-selling unisex perfumes in Singapore that you may have never tried before.

CK One-Calvin Klein

CK One is one of the best-selling unisex perfumes inspired with a clean, pure, and contemporary approach. The keynotes of this fresh citrus perfume are Bergamot, Green Tea, and Musk. Combining an uplifting accord of green tea, papaya, and bergamot, the scent perfectly balances between the notes of cardamom and rose. The perfume then intensifies to an excellent amber and musk and lasts all day long. Flaunt with this intimate perfume lavishly to make your day intense and memorable.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt-Jo Malone London

This unisex creation from the brand is admirable for its beautiful balance between sea salt texture and the woody tone of sage. The lively and spirited perfume opens with the fresh ambrette seeds, starts playing with natural sea salt notes, and then mingles with the earthy aromatic accords. The cologne evokes the feeling of freedom pleasure, and escape into nature.

Best-selling Unisex Perfumes: Go Genderless With One of These Beauties

Nanyang-Maison De L’asie

Nanyang is a sophisticated unisex edition from Maison De L’asie. With a hint of white flower, white musk, the perfume creates an incredible experience that lasts for a long time in memory. This elegant and unisex scent, Nanyang summons the old Singapore bringing forth a richness of culture with saffron, green tea, and leather. In essence, Nanyang has built a bridge between the old and the new Singapore for its classic inspiration from the South Chinese Seas.

Nanyang is bold with a light touch of wilderness. It is better worn at the office – especially for those challenging days when you need to lift your spirit with a reviving aroma.

Peranakan Oud EDP-Singapore Memories

This unisex perfume celebrates the distinctive aroma of Peranakan culture that is exceptional for its olfactory notes and qualities. The scent uses one of the most expensive ingredients; Oud, which evokes an intense tender smell. The other ingredients like tonka bean, praline, and green tobacco leaves make the perfume softer to balance with the acuteness of Oud.
If you are into a refined, soft, and woody fragrance, then Peranakan Oud is a good suggestion for you.

Baie 19-Le Labo

Do you like the smell of freshly cut grass or love to inhale the air after it rains? Yeah, Baie 19 is exactly like this. It evokes the scent of wet earth. The perfume contains dry juniper berry, patchouli, green leaves, musk that feel to be soaked by a dazzling rain after a long dry period.
This cruelty-free and vegan perfume is a delight for users who prioritize organic, and environmentally friendly practices.

Brack Orchid-Tom Ford

Black Orchid is arguably one of the famous Tom Ford perfume collections that earned itself the title of best-selling unisex perfume for the bewitching aroma it offers. This worm floral unfurls some beautiful notes such as black truffle, bergamot, blackcurrant, orchid, Patchouli, Vanille, incense, amber, sandalwood, vetiver, and white musk and create an impeccable scent that is simply sensual and tempting.

This highly glamorous and feminine scent is combined with masculine characters that make the perfume enchanting for men and women. Wear this long-lasting scent all day long get compliments for the luxury it brings to you.

Gypsy Water-Byredo

Gypsy Water is an unconventional and gorgeous perfume that is the most popular form Byredo. It inspires freedom and harmony with nature through the beautiful notes of juniper, lemon, bergamot, pepper, pine needles. This beauty from Romani culture took its inspiration from their distinctive way of living, customs, and beliefs. This fragrance blends the natural raw ingredients to create a perfume that anyone can enjoy.

A unisex perfume offers more than just smelling good. It gives you a character that you want to put on. You may want to wear something feminine today, and you may feel the opposite tomorrow; a unisex perfume will never disappoint you. It allows you to enjoy different notes on a single fragrance and smell different every day. Try out some of these best-selling unisex perfumes in Singapore if you don’t believe us.



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