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Best Niche Fragrance Houses: Your Unique Beauty Partner

Best Niche Fragrance Houses

“Beauty is an exquisite flower, and its perfume is a virtue.” – Giovanni Ruffini. As the famous Italian writer said, the outfit and posture are not enough to seize the day without a puff of a delicate fragrance. When you wear an exquisite perfume different from what everyone uses, you will feel more confident about yourself. We all want something unique and special, and that’s okay. But ironically when it comes to fragrance, most perfume users tend to seek world-famous brands and smell like everyone else! If you want to stand out from the crowd and get compliments for your taste in fragrance, why not take up an interest in the best niche fragrance houses in Singapore? Let’s reckon why a niche perfume should be a part of your daily wear to introduce the real you.

Why Choose Niche Perfume

There is a wide collection of designer fragrances for a person who simply wants to smell great. The mainstream designer scents are available in large retail and department stores that are launched by fashion houses.

But if you aim at smelling like no one else you know, a niche perfume is a suggestion. The fragrance enthusiast saw a dramatic change in the perfume industry with the birth of a brand new category: niche, in the late 70s. It is a result of true artisanal passion. The independent perfumers innovated niche fragrances to create a fragrance that stands out from the average scents and gains value from the true aesthete.

What makes Niche houses different from mass perfumery is, there are some basic principles that Niche houses stick to preserve their image. They follow the classic methods like the past, like having their own perfumers in charge, producing perfume in smaller quantities, selectively distributing products. Also, niche houses believe in a good reputation to promote their fragrances rather than advertising.

Niche fragrances do not please the world rather selective consumers. The best niche fragrance houses use industry-grade standard natural ingredients and highly efficient extracting and blending processes and prepare fragrances in small batches. So, those exclusive and original niche perfumes come in limited editions to preserve their rarity and authenticity.

That’s why this article includes some of the best niche fragrance houses so that you find your special artisanal scent before it is stocked out.


Mmerci Encore

Mmerci Encore is a Singapore-based handcrafted artisanal niche fragrance house known for its sublime essential oil blends. The brand uses the purest botanical oils and hand-blended apothecary style, utilizing fresh, high-quality raw ingredients sourced from all over the globe. These aromatherapy fragrances with their prime notes lavender, rosemary, lemon, mandarin, and bergamot are crafted to smell heavenly and ease the mind and spirit, boost energy, and refresh the mind. The products are free from alcohol or synthetic preservatives and applicable for all skin types.

The Lab Fragrances

The lab fragrance is one of the notable niche fragrance houses in Singapore. Taylan Torin, the nose behind this perfume, was frustrated with how fine perfumes became a subject of mass production. So, he created a brand that offers unique scents not commonly seen in mainstream fragrance houses. This handmade artisanal niche perfume house adopts a minimalistic approach with profound elegance.

Collecting the finest and quality ingredients from reliable suppliers, they produce intriguing perfumes in small batches and stamp each bottle with the wearer’s name. Moreover, complying with EU and IFRA regulations to assure quality and safety makes the fragrance house one of the rare niche brands.

Best Niche Fragrance Houses

Maison De L’asie

Launched late last year, the new luxury niche fragrance house Maison De L’aise has emerged as one of the authentic Singaporean niche brands aiming to become the Next Asian Fragrance House; with the touch of luxury and uniqueness.

The founder Elizabeth Liau believes in the unbelievable connectivity between fragrance and memory. Her first installation that reads Chapter One includes three unique and evoking perfumes telling three different stories. The three fragrances; Nanyang, Lost Lover, and Mother X Love are the profound combination of intimating flavors, such as vanilla, pale grapes, saffron, leather, musk, rose wine, a faint citrus note. The fragrances open with warmth, comfort, freshness, take you back to take a trip down memory lane, and relive the past you wish to cherish.

She tried to channelize her experience of traveling to different cultures onto her fragrances. That is why her fragrances are a diverse combination that evokes different human emotions.

Le Labo

This niche fragrance house is loved by many cognoscenti because of its undeniable and captivating notes. Intending to develop a unique and rich fragrance, the founders Fabrice Penot and Eddie Rosch created this fragrance brand emphasizing quality rather than quantity.

The house offers 17 niche fragrances in total and each of them comes with a number that implies the number of ingredients used on the formulation of each scent. All the majestic perfumes use cruelty-free vegan ingredients and smell heavenly with the graceful notes of vetiver, Jasmin, labdanum. The brand not only sells perfumes, but also you can avail of aftershave, shower gel, room fragrance, home diffuser from here.

Maison 21G

Last but not the least, let’s talk about a niche brand that allows you to customise your own fragrance. Having bespoke perfumes is one of the best parts of experiencing niche fragrance houses. This little luxury, Maison 21G, gives you the prospect to create your own perfumes based on your unique preferences of fragrance notes. You will be able to choose from over 30 different perfumes to create your special blend.

These powerful and seductive perfumes are the fine blend of high-end organic and vegan ingredients that offer health benefits for the body and soul. They contain 21% of perfume concentrate that is the highest in the perfumery industry. Other than the bespoke fragrances, you can also avail of the oil burner, mask, hand and toilet sanitizer, reed diffuser, car diffuser, the dual candle formulated with therapeutic-grade essential oils of impeccable quality.

So, this is the list of some of the best niche fragrance houses you find in Singapore. These fragrance boutiques focus on exclusivity and originality and develop personal and engaging storytelling so that you can smell good and feel good while you are at it. Choose one of these fragrance brands for your daily routine to make a wholesome experience with niche fragrances.



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