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Best Home Fragrances To Make Your Home Smell Better

Best Home Fragrances To Make Your Home Smell Better

Why do you need to find out the best home fragrances for your home? Let’s think about some scenarios. When you visit your family and friends, you may consciously notice the interior of the house. But subconsciously, it is the smell that triggers you first and gives a signal to your brain whether you’re welcome here or not. See, how does smell play a good role in making you feel either discomfort or homely?

Besides this, the comfort of your home is essential for your well-being. Especially when you get home after a long hectic day, you deserve a welcoming atmosphere that instantly puts you in a relaxed mood and lifts your spirit. That is where home fragrances make their stage entrance.

Home fragrances are often overlooked or underestimated as an integral part of a home. But can you deny how rapidly your mood shifts when you smell something pleasant and soothing? We believe otherwise. Be it a home fragrance or a scented candle, being surrounded by a beautiful aroma at home will always give you a cozy and refreshing vibe.

Choosing the best home fragrance out of thousands is a subtle art. But we are here to help you to find the one scent that brings you joy. So, here’s a list of the best home fragrances in Singapore. Time to give your home its signature scent with one of these high-end room fragrances.

Flo Aroma

Flo Aroma spray is considered one of the best home fragrances made of 100% pure essential oil. Since the fragrances are formulated to suit our humid weather, it outstays average reed diffusers. The diffuser device is waterless and heatless that comes with an LED light touch sensor on/off switch.

With no synthetic ingredients used, these long-lasting fragrances are powerful yet silent and diffuse in their purest form without requiring water or heat. You can use the spray on the curtain, bedsheet, pillow, sofa, or bathroom, but avoid using it on polished wood, painted surfaces, or delicate materials.

Both the sprays and nebuliser diffusers come in beautiful glass chamber-shaped and wood-based containers, and they add an artistic value to your house decoration.


Hysses is one of Singapore’s most popular aromatherapy brands known for its use of natural essential oil, non-synthetic and cruelty-free features. The brand specialises in using natural botanical and bioactive ingredients in fragrances so that the users can enjoy an organic and uplifting refreshment all the time.

Hysses offers clay and reed diffusers available in beautiful bottles, and they seamlessly tone with your home decor. Besides room fragrances, Hysses also provides a wide selection of candles, car diffusers, hand sanitiser, perfume, and makeup. Experiment with different diffusers from Hysses and enjoy a fuss-free room fragrance experience.

Merci Encore

Singapore-based aromatherapy label Merci Encore is one of the best artisanal brands in producing handcrafted perfumes. It incorporates pure therapeutic-grade essential oils and raw ingredients freshly sourced from around the world. You can fill your house with this oil-based aura mist or use an aromatherapy blended diffuser or oil burner with all the different types of room fragrances it offers.

The brand aims not only to make you feel great psychologically and emotionally but also to cater scents with health-giving ingredients that are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-spasmodic.

All the scents are free from the usage of alcohol, color, or synthetic preservatives. Moreover, you can buy fragrances for specific needs like sleeping better, calming nerves, or instant relaxation.

Sally’s Room

A few well-designed scented candles can create a soothing and cozy ambiance in your home. Talking about Sally’s Room, the candles are available in gorgeous and aesthetically colorful holders that add character to your interior decoration. This Singaporean brand produces some of the best home fragrances specialising in crafting niche soy wax candles that are handmade with premium scents.

The label offers a total of 13 high-quality candles that provides their customer base with affordable and non-toxic room fragrances. Sally’s Room also conducts classes for interested learners to create beautiful candles in unique shapes and pleasing color combinations.

Temple Candles

It feels great to have a bespoke blend of pure and natural essential oils that caters to your specific needs. The Singapore-inspired home fragrance brand, Temple Candles, is one such one-stop label that offers a wide range of candles, diffusers, room spray, and hand and body oil. The brand produces minimalistic graceful fragrances that slowly fill your home and take you to the wonderland.

Each candle is a different scent: Singapore Orchid, Lime Basil & Mandarin, and Wild Freesia & Lime. These beautiful aromatic candles and room fragrances specialise in natural coconut wax blend and 100% Australian essential oils made from high-quality organic ingredients. The handcrafted scents are free from the use of pesticides, herbicides, toxins, parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, or animal testing.

These botanic-inspired fragrances tributes evoke your memories of Singapore with their pure and simplistic connotation to nature.

Hush Candle

This Singapore-based boutique home fragrance started its journey from scratch in 2015. It specialises in artisanal candles prepared from organic soy wax and natural oils. The beautiful-looking candles come in delightful aromas like jasmine orange, peppermint, lemongrass rosemary, sandalwood, bergamot basil, and many more organic ingredients.

Hush candle doesn’t only aim to make your home feel fresh and precious, it also focuses on improving your mental and emotional wellness. It uses therapeutic-grade essential oil that helps you relax in stress and prevents headaches, anxiety, and depression.

To Be Calm

Firstborn in Australia as Cherylynne, it found the second identity in Singapore as To Be Calm, one of the leading boutique home fragrances. The brand currently sells eight reed diffusers formulated from a unique blend of the essential oils extracted from basil, grapefruit, lavender, and lime.

These gorgeous scents fill the house with a freshness that sometimes you feel the softness of a flower, and sometimes you walk in a garden full of fresh-cut grass. The hand-poured and pure soy candles are free from cotton wick or lead and provide clean-burning for up to 40 hours.

So, these are some of the best bespoke home fragrances Singapore you must try out sometimes. Hope the article helps you find the one fragrance that represents you and your house.



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