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Asian Room Fragrance Brands That Create a Welcoming Interior

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The Asian room fragrance brands represent the Asian olfactory culture and history. Although Asian countries are the most prominent manufacturers of incense, perfume occupies a much less important place in everyday life in Asian countries than in the West. However, Asian nations have seen remarkable development of olfaction and perfumery over the centuries. The Asian also developed the awareness of fragrances having many beneficial effects on physical and mental health.

Previously, we have talked about the famous room fragrances of Singapore. In today’s article, we have brought some of the best Asian room fragrance brands. Let us bring your attention to the amazing fragrance collections of Asian therapeutic ingredients and other transcendental practices.

Asian Room Fragrance Brands

Asia is full of traditions and customs passed from generation to generation. One of these customs is the home fragrance that Asian countries take pride in. Countries like India, China, South Korea, Japan have a strong cultural connection with scent and slowly open up to Western fragrance standards. Furthermore, The Asian perfumery practices bear insights into our relationship with nature and uphold the cultural heritage. For example, the scents of sandalwood oil from Asia make you feel involved with religious and spiritual festivities in India.

In addition, having a bottle of Asian fragrance with you feels like carrying Asia with you everywhere you go. So, if you like to sharpen your sense of smell and understanding nature, these Asian room fragrance brands might be the things you want to start with.

I Profumi del Mondo

One of the high-end Asian room fragrance brands, I Profumi del Mondo cooperates with five olfactory nuances based on five different continents. However, the Asian one derived from the solemn elegance of Japanese inspiration comprising the landscape of the woods of Hasui. Besides, the scent evokes the sky of pastel color, the freshness of lilies and lotus. To most Japanese, the room fragrance recalls the ancestral cultures of the East.


Soohyang is one of the luxury Asian room fragrance brands coming out of South Korea. Forbes considered Soohyang Asia’s best home fragrance line with a variety of excellent home fragrance products. With its excellent packaging, great smelling products, and lucrative branding, Soohyang has set the bar high in its quality. Soohyang incorporates more than 33 types of fragrances including candles, diffusers, home sprays, wax tablets, car vent air fresheners, and ensures high customer satisfaction.

Spa Ceylon

Spa Ceylon is an Indian beauty brand that incorporates face, body, hair, and home aroma. The room fragrance collections of Spa Ceylon combine Ayurveda wisdom, finest natural ingredients together. Moreover, the contemporary composition brings you the ultimate in Ayurveda luxury of Indian culture. Since Spa Ceylon features eco-friendly products, it is vastly popular among vegans and environmentalists. Moreover, the products are alcohol-free and contain no ingredients of animal origin.


Out of many brands available in Malaysia, we recommend getting one from Glade. The fresheners come in a gel form that provides long-lasting fragrance and odor elimination for our homes, offices, cars, restaurants, and beyond. The air fresheners offer adjustable holders so that you can easily control the level of fragrance. In addition, the fresheners eliminate

Asian Room Fragrance Brands
deep-down odors on carpets and rugs and freshen your home with a variety of soft and soothing fragrances. The brand is popular for its long-lasting natural scents and cost-effective price.


Sandalwood Joss Incense Sticks

Lastly, Asia is vastly famous for its wide variety of incense. In fact, the earliest documented use of incense comes from the ancient Chinese. However, one of the famous Asian incense brands we suggest is Sandalwood Joss Incense Sticks. The main ingredients Sandalwood is sourced from sticks are made from Shanggu which is the name of a province in ancient China known for incense production. The boxes come with a stick holder in the box lid that is convenient and portable. Indeed, the elegant box of 100 sticks makes a delightful gift for friends who practice yoga or meditation.

Got the Favorite Asian Room Fragrance Brands?

A home is a place where you return after a long tiresome day. So, it should offer you a fresh and relaxing ambiance. It suggests that your home requires a tranquilizing aroma that calms your mind and erases all the tiredness. To be precise, home fragrances play a significant role in revitalizing your favorite spaces to deliver lasting freshness and portray a warm and welcoming image. We hope this list of the best Asian room fragrance brands will assist you to find the one fragrance to charm your home the way you expected.

Here’s How to Make Fragrance Last Longer

  1. Spray sparingly. Don’t overspray because it’ll only spoil the mildness of fragrance.
  2. Room sprays will eventually dissolve in the air. It can have a longer lifespan when you spray it on linen or other fabrics instead of spraying it into the air.
  3. Spray them on your towels – both of the kitchen and washroom varieties.
  4. Additionally, adding a few spritzes from the spray bottle onto an extra piece of cloth and storing it in a closet or cupboard will keep the space aromatically pleasing.
  5. Spray fragrances on your pillow, so the smell lasts for an extended period across your bedroom.
  6. Try aromatic layering that creates a long-lasting and unique scent. Pair your favorite room spray aroma blend in a diffuser with different fragrances you like. It’s a simple way to balance the use of your room fragrance and make it enduring.
Asian Room Fragrance Brands That Create a Welcoming Interior



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