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Maison de L’Asie is a luxury fragrance house born from Asian inspirations. Fusing the historic art of classic French perfumery with Asian overtures, we craft evocative olfactory odysseys that are modern, visionary and rare.


” Perfume is not a fixed art. It develops along with cultural and social changes and is marked by the epoch in which it exists.”

The continuous goal of niche perfumery is to know how to go beyond legendary references and tell new olfactory stories. Together, they cherish the same dream : to reinvent the classic forms of modern perfumery and to perfect them yet further.

The compositions of Maison de L’Asie do not submit to the merely fashionable – we strive to make timeless olfactory stories that encapsulates the essence,  memories and the emotions of this diverse and fascinating continent.


Founded in Singapore, we have partnered with fifth-generation perfumers from Grasse, France to create exceptional perfumes that showcase the finest materials sourced from around the globe.

All our fragrances are crafted by artisan perfumers made with 35-40% concentrate of the top ingredients sourced globally from world-renowned suppliers and labs.


Elizabeth, the founder of Maison de L’Asie, is a storyteller at heart.

Influenced by her grandfather, Elizabeth’s love of cinema, music and art has grown over the years as a true global citizen. She grew up in Singapore, with Shanghainese, Malay and Dutch Indonesian heritage, and has lived around the world – from Australia to Dubai, New York to South America, London to Paris – all the while absorbing and learning from these diverse cultures and environments.

Upon returning to Asia, she soon started travelling more around the region, and rediscovered its unique culture and beauty with new eyes. Choosing the medium of perfumery to tell her stories around Asia was an obvious choice, expanding on her enduring passion for scent and the grand classics of French perfumery.  Elizabeth immediately understood the power of perfume as memory and emotion writ large, carrying people through time and place like invisible tapestries or photographs in an instant.

The powerful ties between scent and memory, where a beautiful fragrance triggers recollections of childhood memories and moments of our intricate and unique lives, provide the opportunity to express stories that cannot be articulated by words alone.

Presented in combination with evocative imagery of her own creation, those scented stories – olfactive snapshots and cinematic perfumes – evolved to form the foundation of Maison de L’Asie.


Finest ingredients sourced globally

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Quality of Ingredients

Every perfume is a composition born of a scientific alchemy of botanicals and synthetic ingredients.  Only the top quality synthetics are included allowing for a broader olfactive diversity, stability and precision to achieve the signature creative balance of our perfumes.

In essence—using some botanicals would also harm the environment due to the ingredients’ scarcity and sustainability. In those instances, we only use lab-created synthetics that are safe for the environment—many of which are considered identicals as they are formulated based on the same composition as what’s found in nature.

We are committed to follow strict guidelines during all processes to respect an environmentally conscious approach. Our aim is to provide safe quality ingredients, ensuring a more hypoallergenic end product, and we do not use synthetics that are potential skin irritants.

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Only quality matters

We believe in giving our customers the best quality they deserve.

All our fragrances are crafted by artisan perfumers made with 35% concentrate to ensure a luxurious fragrance that will develop smoothly on the skin over time.

We strive to find the balance between the clarity, the vibration of the theme and the sensuality and opulence of the base.

perfume best-selling asia

World Class Labs

We work with some of the best in the industry to get the right ingredients for our customers. Our partners are world renowned, with world-class labs and fine ingredients sourced from all over the globe.

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Love at first sight, at first touch, at first breath. Delightful elegant box, blotters with beautiful pictures, sealed into an envelope - top-level aesthetics.

Three fragrances, three olfactive stories about beauty and sensuality.

MOTHER X LOVE - Romantic, delicate; like a swan fluff that envelops the skin with a warm cloud. Juicy ginger, sweet vanilla - and a pod, and a flower, fluffy musk - it is impossible to breathe. With each breath you want to feel the aroma longer and longer.

NANYANG - A spectacular ode to green tea; the most extraordinary tea I've ever met in the perfume market. Leather, saffron, and green tea - unusual and very, very beautiful. Like a slice of suedge, soaked with a tightly brewed green tea and sprinkled with a pinch of saffron. Antidepressant aroma, replaces rain with the sun, grayness with bright colours, darkness with light.

LOST LOVERS - Extravagant rose union with sandalwood and vetiver. Rose - garden, fragrant, washed with dew. Vetiver - a little smoky, calm and quiet. Sandalwood is stunningly thick, sensual and very, very beautiful. Sweet life full of happiness.

Sincerely fascinated by the collection.

— Oksana Nomirovskaya

MOTHER X LOVE opens on the skin as an ethereal cloud of aromatic freshness. A delicate touch of ginger maintains its effervescent qualities as it's joined by a melange of soft white florals on a base of vanilla and white musks. As the fragrance evolves on the skin, the musk rises to the surface where they remain until the end, evoking images of cashmere.

The overall feeling conveyed by the fragrance is airy, elegant and comforting. The beauty of MOTHER X LOVE is its polished simplicity that lets the quality of the raw materials shine. It is a fragrance that I have found myself reaching for more and more lately in recent times of stress. It is completely unisex and perfectly versatile.

Performance on this fragrance is fantastic too. I get all day longevity and a moderate sillage, dropping closer to the skin around the 3 hour mark.

— Nathan Martin

It is in the small, normally unseen details of design that I love when it comes to most things in life. Perfume is no exception to this.

There are elements to Maison de L'Asie's bottle design and packaging that you may miss if you're not looking for them. You will see the care, the attention and the stories Elizabeth Liau, the founder of Maison de L'Asie is trying to show.

This is the first chapter which represents nostalgia and memories of Singapore.

With vivid aromatic tones of vetiver, Lost Lovers opens with lush green notes, evoking images of young plants unfurling in a forest, but with time, this complex fragrance becomes richer and warmer, pairing the smoothness of sandalwood and amber with the smoky, sensual elements of vetiver.

— Lance Martire

Nanyang is lovely. The brand aims to create French perfumes with Asian overtures and I can totally get that. The quality of the perfumes is very evident and all three (of Chapter 1) smell lovely.

I have had quite a few sprays over the last week or so and it totally captures the spirit of French perfume with an exotic Asian back story.

The listed notes are simply Green Tea, Saffron and Leather which sets a foundation but doesn't really give the whole story, that's down to you to discover I guess.

It's a mildly sweet and slightly familiar smell in the opening, delightful and gives the impression of a delicate perfume which it isn't. Nanyang is actually quite potent with excellent longevity, good projection and a lovely sillage.

I get some lovely florals with slight water nuances enhanced by a mystery citrus vibe which reacts with the tea to make it quite refreshing. As the perfume develops, a kind of suede like feel brings some texture to the perfume which is very welcomed and works exceptionally well. It also gives Nanyang a base which supports the perfume perfectly.

Excellent perfume.

— Matt Keen