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5 Finest Luxury Perfume Brands in Singapore


The fragrance is one of your beauty accessories to express yourself intimately. So, there is no limit when it comes to decorating your persona with alluring perfumes. For building a personal image, fragrances play the finishing touch, without which the whole foundation remains incomplete. The more exceptional you want to feel, the more luxurious fragrance you need to choose. So, let’s have a discussion about Singapore’s luxury perfume brands and why you buy them.

Best 5 Singapore Luxury Perfume Brands You Need to Check Out

Well, with an extensive array of perfumes in Singapore, finding an exceptional fragrance is quite a challenging and time-consuming task. We are here to save your valuable time with a list of the 5 Singapore luxury perfume brands and to reason why you should embrace them.

Sifr Aromatics

Founded in 2010 by Johari Kazura, Sifr Aromatics, one of the leading home-grown niche perfume brands in Singapore, is located in a 19th-century heritage shophouse in the Kampong Glam district.

Johari is a third-generation perfumer who has a genuine passion for perfumery in his blood. When his Grandfather opened a small perfume shop near Arab street Singapore, Johari first found his interest in aromatics and began his journey to the world of fragrances.

He has integrated the ancient time with modernity by his expertise in blending the old and the modern techniques. That is why Sifr Aromatics is admired and loved by both the young and the elders. If you are into traditional, this modern aromatic with a touch of ethnicity will be a pleasure for you.

Sifr Aromatics also specializes in luxury fragrances, scented soy-wax candles, small-batch perfumes, and natural essential oil blends. This oldest OG local fragrance is made of natural ingredients and blended in small batches by expert perfumers.

Customers can ask them to produce perfumes based on their personal preferences. To customize a perfume for yourself, make an appointment right away!

Singapore Memories

Imagine it all started from an avid interest in Singapore’s national flower, orchid. Now, it is one of the first-rated fragrance houses notable for its classic blend of the old Singaporean perfume brands.

So, we can assume that Singapore Memories is mostly inspired by the country’s icon with a goal to bring back the nostalgia of the iconic Singaporean scents, including Reves De Singapour perfumes, Singapore Girl, and more traditional perfumeries. All the legendary references make it clear that the core intention of the brand is to make you feel like you are taking a much-needed trip back to old Singapore.

Singapore Memories features male, female, and Unixes fragrances. The most popular ones from the brand are Aranda 1965, One Degree North, Orchids By The Bay, The Orient, and Vanda 1981 that can enchant anyone with their special aromatic characteristics. The bottles that those scents come in are just as captivating as their names that collectively say a lot about the brand.

Customers will find it amazing to know about the brand’s recent efforts to research fragrant and therapeutic Orchids of Asia with a mission to produce a special variety of perfumes, room fragrances, and premium skincare.

Maison de L’Aise

There is a profound connection between scents and emotional memory. Maison de L’Aise, the true Asian luxury perfume brand in Singapore, recognizes this truth to craft perfumes that evoke memories and emotion.

The founder Elizabeth Liau, who incorporated her fragrances with the inspiration she found from her life experience, said in one of her interviews, “I wanted to sell emotions and stories; it just so happened to come in a form of a perfume.” As she said, her fragrances are like a collection of short stories and each of her perfumes tells us a different tale of different places in Asia. She has combined the French olfactory techniques with a distinct Asian identity.

The first chapter of the brand features Nanyang, Lost Lovers, and Mother X love, and the second one features Bali H’AI. Her Lost Lover is a very sensual fragrance that evokes the feeling of youth, beauty, and love.

The popular one, Mother x Love, evokes feelings of nostalgia and comfort with the warmth of ginger, vanilla, and musk that gently wraps around the wearer like a hug. Her unisex creation Nanyang is largely inspired by the richness of culture with leather, saffron, and green tea. To try out all the delightful perfumes, visit the store right now and discover your inner passion for fragrances.


How would you feel if a perfume brand sets a questionnaire for you that includes your thoughts and fondness about a particular fragrance you dream for and create a perfume based on your answers? What a great shopping experience, right? Freda’D is one such brand that helps find out the right perfume you want for yourself or a special person you want to buy a gift for. The questionnaire also includes where or what you intend to use your perfume.

Freda’D offers a variety of collections for different personalities and styles; starting from the young, the old, the fashionista to the sophisticated. The perfume is also reasonable but smells very expensive. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to name your signature scent to your liking on a very affordable budget.

Imagine how it feels if a perfume brand creates a product that soothes your senses and makes you think you got the one you’ve dreamt of for so long.

Code Deco

Code Deco is a popular brand for its versatile characteristics that allow you to express yourself in many ways possible. The brand is an artisanal perfumery founded by Mrs. Gauri Garodia who wants her aromas to speak to Singapore’s scent sensibilities. She has incorporated scents that can transform your mood anytime, anywhere.

The best part of experimenting with this fragrance is, you can customize your scent by choosing one scent you love and a combination with some other ingredients. They will create something new and exciting for you. This is the fun part of being a bespoke consumer, you get to play with all the versions of the fragrance.

Code Deco is also one of the cost-effective perfumery brands offering a good range of collections that includes vintage, modern, avant-garde, and classic perfumes. Why not try and select the one that suits you?

People may forget what you wear, which brand of handbag you carry. But the memory of your perfume will linger in their mind even after a long time if you have a unique perfume in hand. To stay in someone’s memory forever, choose one of these fragrances, and share it with your beloved ones.



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